“Advertising is the art of reaching an intended target market via a specific medium.”

Advertising involves strategic media planning, conceptual design, and solid placement and management. Unfortunately, a phenomenal advertisement, inappropriately placed, will prove less than rewarding. Conversely, a well-placed advertisement, inappropriately designed and produced, will generate weak results. This fine line between concept, production and placement is imperative to any media campaign.

Television, web, print & radio are the most common forms of advertising; however there are many other traditional and nontraditional mediums to consider. The objective is to formulate a comprehensive advertising strategy, utilize the most relevant mediums for your target demographic, and execute the campaign expertly.

Media Planning
Internal and external research will be the catalyst for developing a comprehensive media plan. All things must be considered when creating a media plan including competition, market segments, scheduling, budget and goals.

Concept and Design
It is imperative to consider your brand identity and maintain quality when designing or developing an advertisement destined for traditional or nontraditional mediums.

Media Buys and Advertising Placement
Media rates fluctuate between and within mediums, prompting continual research and market negotiations. We offer professional purchasing and placement services to ensure the marketing plan is executed properly.

Campaign Management
Once the planning, design and placement are complete, we continue to diligently monitor the media campaign, place ads as scheduled, and make alterations as needed.