“A strategic marketing plan provides the structure to step beyond the boundaries of the current marketing initiatives and exploit new possibilities.”

A defined marketing plan is the key to effective brand building. Development and execution requires an understanding of psychology, trends, theories, economics and statistics. We create realistic and integrated plans that provide solid foundations on which to build your business.

45 Degrees North offers 75 years of combined experience, and each staff member is handpicked for their expertise within a specific skill set. With our full-service approach, we have the know-how to manage and execute all aspects of a marketing plan to develop a fully integrated and consistent strategy.


Creating a short, mid or long term marketing plan will provide a solid foundation, while remaining consistent with your overall business goals and objectives. 45 Degrees North’s dynamic marketing team is dedicated to helping you realize your promotional aspirations, and identify previously unrecognized solutions.

Research and Analyze
• Internal Business Analysis
• External Competition Analysis
• Current and Future Customer Analysis
Develop and Strategize
• Objectives and Strategies
• Media and Publicity Campaigns
• Budget Evaluate and Assess
• Milestones and Measurements


The first phase in the development of a strategic marketing plan is to conduct sufficient internal and external research. This will include the evaluation of past marketing initiatives, local and industry related statistics, competition, and opinions and comments from management. Internal and external research will assist with the collaborative effort to succinctly define specific goals and objectives.

Successful marketing campaigns also demand the precision of a defined target market. Research will reveal the geographics (where), the demographics (who) and the psychographics (why). This can be determined through quantitative and qualitative research.

Research can be obtained via primary and secondary methods including:
• Surveys
• Focus groups and interviews
• Internal customer data
• Local business-related data
• Industry research studies and reports


The second phase in the evolution of a strategic marketing plan is to determine and allocate the annual budget. A budget will provide the necessary structure to develop strategies capable of achieving the goals and objectives. Building upon the vertical progression of goals, objectives, and a general budget, well-calculated objectives and strategies will be developed.

Consistently integrating all strategies and initiatives throughout your media and publicity campaigns will engage your target market via the power of repetition, and increase the return of your short and long term investments. The theory of a fully integrated marketing campaign is better understood by examining the relationship between marketing initiatives. For instance, advertising placement results are 100% dependent upon the quality of the ad concept and design; conversely, the success of a sensational ad design is 100% dependent upon appropriate placement.

Complicating this issue even more is the quality of design and execution of all follow up material. For instance, if an ad stimulates a potential customer to inquire for more information, but the information provided is not consistent with the theme, quality or delivery of the initial advertisement, the risk of losing the individual’s interest increases dramatically. Therefore, all aspects of the campaign should carry a consistent theme, quality and delivery.

Integrating all marketing initiatives ensures successful cost-efficient results. It also allows for the mild integration of marketing opportunities as they arise, without steering too far off course. With a steady eye on your goals and objectives, 45 Degrees North will reveal fresh strategies to uncover new market segments and develop a stronger relationship with your core target market.


The third phase in the development of a strategic marketing plan is to set clear and concise milestones for future evaluation. Milestones provide a reference to ensure goals are being met, and determine if strategies need to be refined and adjusted.

Measurement and assessment of each project is achieved in a variety of ways including surveys, website statistics and an analysis of your return on investment. 45 Degrees North analyzes market trends and seasonal changes, and fine-tunes your marketing strategies accordingly. A successful marketing campaign takes into account, and allows for, market changes and uncontrollable events.

Recognizing the value of teamwork, 45 Degrees North encourages client participation and feedback to ensure long term success.