“Public Relations is the art of creating and maintaining a positive public image.”

Public Relations is the craft of successfully promoting changes, events and achievements; and minimizing negative internal and external failures.

Public Relations includes a variety of services:

• Campaign planning & management
• Information development & distribution
• Event coordination

Campaign Planning & Management

Planning a publicity campaign requires unconditional expertise of how to gain the interest of, and correspond with, the media and public. A publicity campaign, much like a media campaign, is incorporated into the overall marketing plan; and if utilized effectively, publicity can be far more effective than paid advertising because the public inherently trusts information more when provided from an unbiased source.

Aside from the standard reputation and awareness management, crisis management is an important aspect of any public relations campaign. A crisis management plan can help to reduce decision-making time when a crisis occurs, providing the opportunity to minimize the negative consequences.

Information Development & Distribution

Information development and distribution is as much about procedures as it is about marketing. Public Relations capitalizes on the ability to use the media as a vehicle of communication; however, it must be driven according to their standards. All information should adhere to the standards of PR, and should be consistent with your advertising and marketing campaign to insure a consistent message is delivered to your market segments.

Information can be disseminated through a variety of ways including:

• Press releases
• Press kits
• Press conferences
• Public speaking and presentations

Event Coordination

Professional event coordination requires a significant amount of organization, media rapport and marketing skill. Planning incorporates all aspects including selection of a suitable date, time and location; copywriting and design of event materials such as press releases, invitations and signs; media relations; and coordination of all involved parties. Events include press parties and conferences, fundraisers, employee workshops, ceremonies and public events.